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Sports Build is a multi-disciplined, specialty sports construction business with experience and expertise in civil construction, project management, natural sports turf and synthetic surfaces. For Sports Build, design also means a road map or a strategic approach to achieve a unique outcome. Sports Build can assist you and your organisation to plan for the future and to achieve your goals. Building anything is never easy, often arduous but ultimately rewarding for all parties if executed and managed well with quality systems. That is why you want a company like Sports Build to worry about all the details, logistics and difficulties of your project, whilst you focus on your core business. Here at Sports Build we pride ourselves on building sporting facilities to enhance an active lifestyle and to fulfil the most basic human desire to live well!

Our teams are known for their proactive approach, and are committed to the principles of collaboratively working with our clients. We understand for our clients the delivery journey is as important as the final product. We possess the knowledge, expertise and experience required to tackle large and small civil, sporting infrastructure and development projects, in Natural Turf and modern synthetic surfaces.

Sports Build is the only Australian distributor of PowerGrass. PowerGrass is an innovative project, combining the advantages of natural grass and the strength of synthetic grass, to play better, play safer and play ‘always’! PowerGrass is natural grass reinforced with artificial turf, an innovative project for sport fields constructions, environmentally friendly, practising the Green Economy concept.

The hybrid grass system PowerGrass consists on the integration of up to 2% of synthetic turf fibres tufted into a unique backing to reinforce natural grass wear and tear resistance and provide always playable, uniform surface, without divots. The system combines the main advantages of synthetic turf and grass because it offers predictable ball bounce, surface stability during the run, and softness in case of fall, slip resistance during acceleration, deceleration and better traction during any change of direction of the player.

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