Wollomombi Falls carpark and viewing platform upgrade

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New England, NSW

The project included construction of a new cantilevered viewing platform and associated works. The main lookout structure had been closed for over 10 months prior to construction works due to structural deficiencies. 

To enhance the available views, the new viewing platform was constructed approximately 500m from the existing structure. Additional contract works included upgrade of the existing carpark, construction of all pedestrian paths and parking bays, reseal of the adjoining ring road and carpark.


Project objectives

Wollomombi Falls, located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, is one of the top tourist locations in the New England region. NPWS’ primary objective was to enhance the visitor experience at the site. The existing viewing platform did not have satisfactory disability access provisions, nor did the existing platform have adequate structural compliance. 


Problems solved + innovations

• The viewing platform was constructed on the crest of a deep gorge and cantilevered beyond the change in slope. To accommodate this structure, JNC used a large excavator to penetrate at least 2m into the weathered rock to construct footings. Specific care was taken when accessing the viewing area with equipment positioned upslope of the pile locations during drilling.
• Crew safety was a major consideration with WHS plans in place supported by daily toolbox meetings to address any safety issues.
• Indigenous heritage specialist engaged to identify and manage artefacts discovered during construction.
• Environmental management and planning addressed special requirements of working in a National Park and conservation area.
• Wet weather (450mm during the beginning of the construction period) caused unsuitable subgrade areas in the carpark. JNC proposed subsoil drainage and drainage layers below pavement material to counter subterranean water.

Scope of works

JNC delivered turnkey project management and construction services including:

• Installation of footings/piers for the structural support
of new platform
• Supply/fabricate viewing platform superstructure and erect on piers, to comply with stipulated geotechnical and engineering standards, and contract documentation
• Construct entry area and as per engineering plans
• Construct all pedestrian access paths as per plans
• Extraction and removal of trees and vegetation
• Vehicle and pedestrian traffic management during the works
• Earthworks, retaining walls, stone masonry, carpark upgrade, reseal of ring road and car park wearing course


Project snap shot

• Location: Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New England, NSW
• Client: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS)
• Contract date: 2020
• Key services provided: Project Management and Construction Services