Perimeter fencing and security, Department of Defence building, Fyshwick ACT

JNC Group Fencing + Security completed the design, supply and installation of a 2.1m pressed steel fence with 6m automated sliding gate around an office building in Canberra. The design component included installation of an earthing grid along the fence line and isolation panels in the vicinity of an existing sub-station. The work was carried out in a high traffic volume location with the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

Planning and managing risk

JNC Group Fencing + Security spent considerable time planning for the project implementation. Detailed services searches were conducted and the location of services, property boundaries and existing structures were plotted in order to develop a detailed design for both the fence and earth grid. Site specific management plans were developed and approved to provide fencing teams with the information they needed to install the fence.

Installation of security equipment

A CCTV camera was installed and connected back to the existing security network. This work was carried without interruption to security network.

Scope of works

  • Design, supply and install perimeter fence and automated gates
  • Design, supply and install earthing grid
  • Risk manage extensive network of underground services during installation
  • Install and connect to existing security network CCTV camera and gate controls


  • Project management
  • Fence and Earthing Grid Design
  • Environmental, safety and health management
  • Security requirements
  • CCTV and automated sliding gate

Project snap shot

  • Location: Fyshwick ACT
  • Client:¬†Department of Defence
  • Contract date: 2018