Metz Solar Farm: Bulk earthworks, hardstand, culverts and passing bays, access roads 

Metz Solar Farm, Bayley Park Road, Armidale, NSW

Constructed on private land approximately 15 kilometres from Armidale in New South Wales, Metz Solar Farm (MSF) is being installed across a 430-hectare site. On completion, the solar farm will generate renewable energy to supply up to 40,000 Australian households each year; more than half of the total 66,000 households in the region. The solar farm will connect to the existing Transgrid 132 kV transmission line. MSF’s layout avoids most environmental constraints and has been designed to minimise the removal of remnant native vegetation. The total power of the plant will be 115 MWac rated power at the point of interconnection at the Transgrid 132kV Transmission Line and 141.1 MWdc peak power at the module DC connections. It is estimated that the annual greenhouse gas emissions avoided by the project will be 288,000 tonnes of CO2equivalent.

The solar farm owner, Spain-based Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), has engaged BEON Energy Solutions as Head Contractor for the civil works and infrastructure development. As a local construction business with extensive experience in civil infrastructure projects, JNC Group has been engaged to deliver several components of the Works. We have established a very good working relationship with BEON Energy Solutions and, as such we have been awarded repeat business.


Scope of works

JNC Group self-performed the civil works. The Works undertaken to date include:

• MSF Bulk Earthworks (Cut & Fill) $658k – Contract signed in September 2021

• MSF Hardstand for Site Amenities $200k – Contract signed in June 2021

• MSF Culverts and Passing Bays $77k – Contract signed in June 2021

• MSF Access Roads (6,300m). Scope includes stripping of topsoil and excavation to design subgrade level; Supply and install gabion rock and geofabric; Supply and install layer of DGS-40; Construction of drains as per design $1.4M – Contract signed in September 2021

• Design and construct operations and maintenance building $670k – Contract signed in September 2021.

Project constraints + challenges

Common risks mitigated through preplanning and comprehensive safety measures include:

• As a local construction company, JNC Group understand the climate and terrain challenges unique to the region. We approached the project with confidence knowing that our works scope is accurate and within client expectations.

• JNC Group have established long-term relationships with local design and test consultancies, raw material suppliers, traffic management providers and other subcontractors ensuring we do not enter the site ill-prepared nor under resourced.


Project snap shot

• Location: Metz Solar Farm, Bayley Park Road, Armidale, NSW

• Client: BEON Energy Solutions

• Award date: August 2021

• Completion date: June 2023/Ongoing

• Key services provided: Project and Site Management, Management of Subcontractors