Lancer Barracks Parramatta

JNC Constructions replaced the existing timber perimeter fence and gates at Lancer Barracks Parramatta with a 3.0m high steel Palisade security  fence and gates. The purpose of the project was to increase the level of security provided by the perimeter fence and gates while maintaining the sections of the existing timber heritage fence and gates at the main entrance.


Maintaining heritage buildings and gates

The buildings of the Lancer Barracks site are part of the oldest continuously functioning military barracks on the mainland of Australia. Lancer Barracks has been identified as a place of heritage value, evident by its inclusion on the Commonwealth Heritage List. The new fence was erected without any damage to heritage listed buildings and structures.


No impact to neighbours and pedestrian movements

The site is situated in Parramatta and surrounded by two public schools, commercial developments and has a street frontage to main pedestrian footpaths accessing Parramatta railway station and the schools.


Stakeholder consultation

The project involved extensive stakeholder consultation and reporting.

Scope of works

  • Remove existing fence and gates
  • Supply and install 3.0m high Palisade fence and gates
  • Design and construct retaining wall
  • Landscaping inside fence
  • Preserve heritage buildings and sections of existing fence

Project snap shot

  • Location:¬†Lancer Barracks Parramatta NSW
  • Contract date: 2016