Kempsey Road restoration, installation of six culverts (D&C)

Kempsey, New England region, NSW

Kempsey Road is an important vehicle traffic corridor, linking Armidale and the coast and supporting agriculture and tourism in both the Armidale and Kempsey regions. The works aim to minimise the impact of frequent rock fall and erosion events that occur in the area, plus improve and maintain stability of the road.  

In late 2019 bushfire and 2020 storm events adversely impacted Kempsey Rd and Lower Creek Road. Significant damage was caused to embankments, drainage and pavement resulting in road closures. Damage was of such significance it was declared a disaster event. Work under this design and construct contract is designated as Essential Public Asset Restoration Work. 

The road width has been improved and the end result contributes to a safer road environment and better infrastructure for vehicles. The end result has also reduced long-term maintenance costs and safety risks otherwise associated with the narrow gravel road. Scope comprised supply and installation of six culvert structures and all associated excavation, stabilisation work, concrete works, erosion control, pavement reinstatement, road furniture.

Scope of works

As head contractor, JNC Group were responsible for Traffic Management; Environmental Protection; Soil and Water Management; Site inspections to develop Project Plans including the Project Safety Plan, Project Environmental Plan, Project Traffic Plan and Project Quality Plan; Risk assessment prior to commencement of work; A COVID-19 plan and all activity permits and approvals. Site-specific works included:

• Design, construction and certification of all temporary works to complete the works (formwork, falsework, scaffolding, etc)

• Clearing and grubbing

• Demolition and disposal of existing structures

• Supply and installation of scour protection

• Supply and installation of Class 4, RRJ culvert structures including trenching, backfilling, headwalls, concrete works and table drains

• Supply/installation of gabion/NFC block retaining structures

• Construction of road pavement to required levels

• Supply and installation of safety barriers and terminal ends; road furniture including signage and guide posts

Project constraints + challenges

Common risks mitigated through preplanning and comprehensive safety measures include: 

• Undertaking the Works while ensuring the road remained open to the public

• Managing adverse weather events (and commensurate delays) during the construction period

• Successfully managing a diverse, multi-disciplinary team at a remote, environmentally sensitive site over an extended period

• To ensure design targets were met JNCGIC implemented an environmentally sound purchasing plan to ensure that, where practicable, environmentally sustainable products and materials were sourced. We facilitated reviews to ensure key plant and equipment complied with Whole Of Life initiatives and advised where alternatives to the design or construction may be offered to ensure value for money for Council.

Project snap shot

• Location: Kempsey, NSW

• Client: Armidale Regional Council (ARC)

• Award date: December 2021

• Completion date: September 2022

• Key services provided: Project management, site management, management of subcontractors