Kangaroo Flats Training Area 3 year road works

Berry Springs, Northern Territory

Established as a small arms firing range for use by NORFORCE in the late 1970s, Kangaroo Flats Training Area has been used for training activities including inert and live fire practice by the Army Reserve and the Australian Regular Army. More recently, US troops have been deployed to Kangaroo Flats Training Area for training purposes under The United States Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI).

The KFTA has significant existing infrastructure in the form of unsealed roads, concrete causeways and culvert drainage. Erosion was noted around the training area due to underdeveloped infrastructure and infrastructure requiring maintenance.  As part of the maintenance of the KFTA, the existing road network was improved by providing additional erosion control measures, track hardening and improved drainage infrastructure. The surrounding bushland forms flow paths during heavy storms that impact the road network. Due to the majority of the tracks being unsealed, and minimal existing stormwater infrastructure, JNC Group was engaged to repair damage caused through erosion and moisture weakened pavements. These measures will extend the lifespan of the existing road pavements and reduce long term maintenance.


Scope of works 

As head contractor, JNC Group performs project management, WHS, Quality and overall project documentation including WHS Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan, Traffic Management Plan and all activity permits and approvals. THE Mining is our delivery partner. The Works include:

• Replace existing unsealed base with new.

• Removal of current guideposts and signage. Install new guideposts, road marking and signage.

• Regrade surface to required fall, remediate concrete causeway and stormwater drainage.

• Construct V drains and concrete pavement for floodway crossings.

• Once main pavement is constructed lay asphalt.

Project constraints + challenges

Common risks mitigated through preplanning and comprehensive safety measures include:

• As we are working on a live Army base, the existing road network must provide all-weather access for Army vehicles and construction vehicles. Where needed, site drainage was graded to prevent the ponding of water. Where ponding occurs, dewatering is undertaken

• Humidity can be extremely high on site (up to 95 per cent in the wet season. In these conditions, the body’s natural cooling mechanism (sweating) can be compromised. Strict measures have been put in place to ensure workers are adequately hydrated and dressed to protect against the effects of the sun. Other measures include rescheduling work so the hot tasks are performed during the cooler part of the day, reducing the time spent doing hot tasks e.g., job rotation, arranging for more workers to do the job; providing extra rest breaks in a cool area and using mechanical aids to reduce physical exertion.


Project snap shot

• Location: Berry Springs, Northern Territory

• Client: Aurecon

• Award date: September 2020

• Completion date: September 2023

• Key services provided: Project Management, Site Management, Management of Subcontractors

Defence, Transport