Kangaroo Flats Training Area 3, Year Road Works NT

Berry Springs, Northern Territory

September 2020: JNC Group have been awarded the contract to deliver PDS project EST03910 – Kangaroo Flats Training Area Road Works. The scope of the project includes preparation of road surface for a new top layer, helipad line marking, maintenance works to unsealed roads and improvement works. 

Established as a small arms firing range for use by NORFORCE in the late 1970s, Kangaroo Flats Training Area has been used for training activities including inert and live fire practice by the Army Reserve and the Australian Regular Army. More recently, US troops have been deployed to Kangaroo Flats Training Area for training purposes under The United States Force Posture Initiatives.

Indigenous owned JNC Group is proud to be selected for this exciting project supporting the training needs of the ADF and visiting foreign troops.

Photo: Exercise Executive Stretch, Kangaroo Flats Training Area Photographer: POIS James Whittle

Project snap shot

• Location: Berry Springs, Northern Territory
• Client: Australian Defence Force
• Award date: September 2020
• Key services provided: Project and Site Management, Construction Services