Hastings Secondary College Demolition Project

Port Macquarie campus, NSW

The project site is Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus. The scope of works included demolition of an existing building, internal demolition of an existing building T and the removal of redundant in-ground services and footings.

The site is zoned Medium Density Residential and is located within the Port Macquarie LGA and controlled by the Port Macquarie Council’s Local Environment Plan and the Port Macquarie Council’s Development Control Plan. Two demolition teams worked in parallel – one team worked on the building demolition (including internal strip out) and the other concentrated on mechanical demolition – that is, an excavator was used to demolish the existing building. This was achieved by removing the roof sheets then collapsing the roof trusses into the structure. The external walls were folded inwards onto the internal flooring. This step was repeated, working from the top down, demolishing the building a section at a time in a controlled methodical manner. Additional support excavators worked in conjunction with the lead excavators. All resulting demolition waste was sorted, processed and stockpiled according to type to allow for efficient recycling and disposal.


Safety of the school community

Works were scheduled to begin during school holidays with a duration of approx. 14 weeks. To accommodate the relatively short duration, a team of demolition experts with specific experience in the management and removal of asbestos was assembled.

JNC Group undertook manual removal of all identified Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and hazardous materials within the designated scope of works as per the Pre-Demolition Hazardous Building Materials Survey prepared by the nominated Hygienist.

All identified ACM within the work areas were removed prior to commencement of the demolition works. An independent asbestos assessor was engaged to oversee the asbestos removal, undertaking asbestos air monitoring and conducting visual clearance assessments on completion of the asbestos removal. All asbestos air monitoring and sample analysis was conducted by a NATA accredited asbestos testing laboratory.

Asbestos waste material was wrapped, sealed and transported in EPA licensed trucks with the appropriate waste tracking documentation for disposal of asbestos waste at a licensed waste facility. As an added precaution, asbestos was only removed outside of school hours.

Scope of works

The scope of works included:
• Demolition of an existing TAS building, existing building C, and internal demolition of building T
• Management / removal of redundant inground services and footings provision of a hazardous materials clearance certificate at end of demolition



• Program management including development and maintenance of site-specific documentation such as SWMS, ARCP, HSEQ, DBYD assessment plans and a project risk assessment
• Environmental, safety and health management and stakeholder management
• Handover documentation


Project snap shot

• Location: Port Macquarie, NSW
• Client: Schools Infrastructure
• Construction start date: December 2020
• Completion: March 2021