Boundary Fencing

Western Sydney Airport

JNC have commenced the supply and installation of Boundary fencing at the Western Sydney Airport. The fencing work includes 6 different types of fencing ranging from high security 358 anti-climb mesh to rural fencing along creek boundaries. The work commenced in January 2019 and will continue through the different stages of construction as the site is developed ready for building works.


Scope of works

• Supply and install temporary construction fencing to allow works to take place. 10km of chain link fencing will be installed on the boundary to construction works and to protect Environmental Conservation Zones from the impact of construction activities

• Supply and install 3,100 m of 2.1m high security 358
anti-climb welded mesh fence and gates along Elizabeth Drive. This fence will be installed in stages as earthworks are completed.

• JNC will install perimeter fencing and gates around the WSA Visitors Centre and 2.4m high chain link fencing along the north and east boundaries of the site.


Planning and managing risk

JNC spent considerable time planning for the project implementation. Detailed services searches were
conducted and the location of services, property boundaries and existing structures were plotted in order to ensure there was no disruption to existing fibre optic, phone and other services.

Site specific management plans were developed and approved to comply with existing Commonwealth and WSA management plans so as to provide fencing teams with the information they needed to install the fence.


Environmental issues

The project operates under strict environmental controls.  JNC provided WSA Co with preclearance assessments of all fence lines so that endangered and protected species and habitats were not harmed during fencing operations.


JNC is responsible for:

  • Project Management of the fencing works
  • Management of Indigenous and European Heritage
  • Subcontractor management to meet Building Code 2016
  • Environmental, safety and health management
  • Development approval and implementation of a Workplace Relationship Management Plan for the fencing works
  • Working to FSC requirements
  • Design and construction of the fencing


Project snap shot

  • Location: Western Sydney Airport site Badgerys Creek NSW
  • Client: Western Sydney Airport Corporation
  • Contract start date: 15th January 2019
  • Contract value: $10.4 million
Commercial, Transport