Aboriginal community housing investment program

Muli Muli Aboriginal Community is situated midway between the villages of Woodenbong and Urbenville in Northern NSW

The project is part of a broader program to provide maintenance works to Aboriginal housing properties across NSW. The Muli Muli project consists of building and maintenance construction for 38 properties within the Muli Muli Local Aboriginal Land Council. Scope includes installation of new kitchens and bathrooms, various internal repairs, and external maintenance works.

Announced in December 2020, the $50M Aboriginal Community Housing Investment Fund (ACHIF) builds on consultation with the Aboriginal Community Housing Sector. The ACHIF provides grant funding to:

• Grow new supply and carry out repairs and upgrades for community owned housing

• Deliver improved living conditions and help reduce homelessness and overcrowding issues

• Support the construction industry with a focus on local and Aboriginal employment opportunities

The Muli Muli community is situated midway between the two villages of Woodenbong and Urbenville in Northern NSW. With a population of around 200, the majority of people who live at the site are Githabul descent. The Githabul community are proud of their traditional links retaining much of their traditional oral history including aspects of the Githabul language and culture.

Scope of works

As head contractor, JNC Group is responsible for project management, subcontractor management and liaison, WHS, Quality and project documentation and all activity permits and approvals. The project has been undertaken in a progressive manner with initial pricing and budgets nominated for each property. Once agreed, works included: 

• Demolition and removal of deteriorated structures including external and internal walls

• Waterproofing, painting and roof works

• Replacement of wall and floor finishings

• Plumbing and air-conditioning demolition and replacement

Constraints + challenges

Common risks mitigated through preplanning and comprehensive safety investigations include: 

• COVID protective measures introduced on site to reduce the spread of the virus during high infection periods

• Strategic procurement of fixtures and fittings through to ensure like-for like replacement

• Footing repair and replacement undertaken prior to internal works starting

• Asbestos risk mitigation including dust control and air monitoring

• JNC Group engaged residents on a jobs program to develop skills and improve employability

• The project has been staged to accommodate funding shortfalls. Design constraints meant that during Stage 2 of the project, we worked on a ‘cost-plus’ basis until design issues were resolved.

Project snap shot

• Location: Muli Muli, NSW

• Client: APP on behalf of the NSWALC

• Award date: August 2021

• Completion date: September 2022

• Key services provided: Project Management, Site Management, Management of Subcontractors

Commercial, Residential