An introduction to JNC Group Indigenous contractors (JNCGIC)

JNC Group, wholly owned by Jeremy Blanch and his wife Nicole, has been trading since 2007. Jeremy is a proud Aniwan man with lineage that can be traced to the 1800s. Operating as a private partnership from 2007 to 2010 we delivered quality civil infrastructure works predominately to the New England region. The next stage in our growth saw the incorporation of JNC Group as a Proprietary Limited company in 2010 to accommodate our expansion across the East Coast of Australia and into the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

As our business continues to grow and develop, our strategy is to split the operational components of JNC Group into two distinct business lines:

1. General contracting work, and

2. Works that are undertaken under the Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) or projects that are centric to Indigenous involvement through policy or social inclusion objectives.

The vehicle we will use for future IPP projects is JNC Group Indigenous Contractors or JNCGIC. JNCGIC is Supply Nation Certified, ISO Certified (Quality, WHS and Environment) and Federal Safety Accredited.

JNCGIC provides an exciting opportunity for more direct Indigenous employee engagement through the introduction of an Employee Ownership Plan. The creation of JNCGIC creates real opportunities for far more Indigenous people to be part of a leading Indigenous business, with real possibilities of breaking intergenerational wealth disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Note that this structural change will not impact on current projects. We will still deliver our services with the same degree of due diligence and quality. Nothing will change other than we ask that you register JNCGIC for upcoming Indigenous priority projects. Our Supply Nation Certification, insurances and accreditations have been updated to reflect these changes.

Please feel free to get in touch should you require further detail on this exciting new phase in JNC Group’s growth.

Timeline overview of JNC Group’s growth