JNC’s building division is committed to safety.

JNC utilises a project management-based process to initiate, plan, implement, close and review all of its building Projects. We provide an inclusive service to deliver a safe and productive Project to all our clients while working closely with our strategic partners. We provide an inclusive service to deliver all our clients security requirements and related services and co-ordinate the installations in conjunction with other strategic partners working on the site.

Our work is completed on time, to the highest quality standards, and at the agreed price. Services include (though aren’t limited to) interpreting specifications and developing the design and installation process, to providing costing and quotes to clients on time for inclusion in your tenders and proposals and procuring quality materials through our supplier network and strategic partners. JNC has successfully delivered complex, large-scale projects in both local and remote locations. JNC is committed to completing projects that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients,  business associates and the wider community through timely performance, cost efficiency, attention to detail, quality and a commitment to the environment.