Empowering diversity

We respect the stories and interests of our team; building a unified group based on integrity and quality. Within the JNC Group we value our diverse workforce. Across all levels of our organisation, opportunities for equality form part of our core values.

Through a strong respect of different cultures flows a vibrant workforce that prides itself on excellence, innovation and collaboration that provides quality, cost-effective solutions for our customers and partners. We proudly recognise that our strength is our people.

JNC Group utilises its experience in project management, and draws on the specialist skills of its sectors, to deliver solutions across a range of civil construction, infrastructure, signage, high level security fencing and commercial landscaping projects.  JNC Group provides Federal Government, NSW Government Authorities, Local Government, and major developers with a safe and efficient alternative source of civil contracting and project management resources.

JNC Group employs a group of highly motivated staff and select sub-contractors including: Project Managers; Estimators; Construction Supervisors; Specialist Foreman; Plant Operators and Skilled Tradesmen. JNC Group is committed to delivering Projects that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients, business associates and the wider community through timely performance, cost efficiency, attention to detail, quality and a commitment to the environment.

Our values


Respect for others; their ideas, knowledge, culture, views, health and safety. We consistently show consideration for our clients’ needs and desires outcomes, and ensure we are mindful of the big picture in all our projects.



Integrity is non-negotiable in the JNC family. We simply don’t do it if it compromises the individual, JNC is or our client’s reputation. We never compromise on safety and we’re proud of our track record.



We challenge and seek to find better solutions, think outside the box and dare to do things differently. Innovation and creativity form an intrinsic part of our work – we don’t just do it because we did it yesterday.



Through teamwork we value the insights of others, share our knowledge and deliver results we’re collectively proud of. We work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes.



We strive for excellence in all we do. It is evident not only in the products and services we deliver, but in how we deliver them. Our employees embody excellence – whether it be in the decisions they make, the products they build, or the service they deliver. On construction sites in particular, but everywhere, excellence equals zero incidents.

Supply Nation certified

JNC Group are Supply Nation Certified. With a depth of knowledge and experience working with Indigenous businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia, Supply Nation has shaped the Indigenous business sector. Endorsed by the Australian Government as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses for their procurement teams to fulfill their targets under the new Indigenous Procurement Policy, Supply Nation is an equally trusted partner for its corporate members. JNC Group is a proud member of Supply Nation, sharing its unique and compelling vision to build a prosperous Indigenous business sector.