Empowering diversity. The JNC Group work together to achieve excellence, innovation and quality.

JNC Group values the importance of diversity and we offer opportunities for equality across all levels of our organisation. As an Indigenous owned business, we strive to build a unified and diverse workforce based on integrity and quality. We are proud of the different cultures that flow within our vibrant workforce and respect the First Peoples of this land. JNC Group works across the nation, with our local office in the New England region of NSW. We acknowledge that we are on country of the Anaiwan, Gumbaynggirr, Kamilaroi and Dhunghutti people who are the traditional custodians the land on which we operate. We pay our respects to the Elders of these people both past, present and future.


JNC provides the full range of building, fencing, security, infrastructures and civil services. JNC utilises a project management-based process to initiate, plan, implement, close and review projects across these divisions. We provide an inclusive service to deliver all our clients requirements and related services and co-ordinate the installations in conjunction with other strategic partners working on the site.

Our work is completed on time, to the highest quality standards, and at the agreed price. Services include (though aren’t limited to) interpreting specifications and developing the design and installation process, to providing costing and quotes to clients on time for inclusion in your tenders and proposals and procuring quality materials through our supplier network and strategic partners. Click here to find out more about JNC.

Linked specialise in procurement, facilitating purchases and offering expert advice on all building and construction materials for your next project. With over 300 national and local suppliers available to Linked Procurement, we are confident that we will deliver excellent value for money and service. Our equipment range includes site accommodation, security cameras, traffic barriers and signalling and all construction plant equipment types. Our focus is on safety, quality services and price across construction, mining, oil, gas and building.

We work to provide customers with whole sale deals direct to your site, Linked sells everything from the reinforcing steel, roofing material, gyprock, doors hardware and everything in-between. Through our network Linked offers the opportunity for significant savings compared to a traditional bricks and mortar hardware store. with an unwavering commitment to project objectives, stakeholder requirements and industry standards, Linked delivers what you need. Click here to find out more about Linked.

JNCTech is a company dedicated to solving industry and or government problems achieved by sourcing, preferencing and integrating Australian leading-edge interoperable technologies through our wide network and partners providing tailored integrated solutions.

Nations continue to experience increasingly difficult challenges in the contemporary world.

Global economies are now seeing previously stable enterprises struggling to survive against natural disasters, trade wars and pandemics.

As many people attempt to adjust to the new world climate JNCtech moves to create and aggregate innovative and simple technologies that assists the communities in achieving better outcomes. Click here to find out more about JNCtech.

Sports Build is a multi-disciplined, specialty sports construction business with experience and expertise in civil construction, project management, natural sports turf and synthetic surfaces. For Sports Build, design also means a road map or a strategic approach to achieve a unique outcome. Sports Build can assist you and your organisation to plan for the future and to achieve your goals. Building anything is never easy, often arduous but ultimately rewarding for all parties if executed and managed well with quality systems. That is why you want a company like Sports Build to worry about all the details, logistics and difficulties of your project, whilst you focus on your core business. Here at Sports Build we pride ourselves on building sporting facilities to enhance an active lifestyle and to fulfil the most basic human desire to live well!

Our teams are known for their proactive approach, and are committed to the principles of collaboratively working with our clients. We understand for our clients the delivery journey is as important as the final product. We possess the knowledge, expertise and experience required to tackle large and small civil, sporting infrastructure and development projects, in Natural Turf and modern synthetic surfaces. Click here to find out more about Sports Build.

EXC Signage delivers excellence in display solutions. The EXC factory and showroom — the largest in the Canberra region — is outfitted for graphic design, large format digital printing, custom display fabrication, interpretative signage, point of sale systems, laminating, mounting and art framing.

EXC more than 20 years of industry experience, creating exhibitions, displays, frames and signage for government and cultural institutions, as well as the private sector. EXC is the market leader in full service exhibition production in Canberra and region. The company’s reputation is built on three essential X Factors: excellence, expertise and experience. These X Factors are the cornerstone of our total dedication to providing excellence in display, exhibition and art framing services across the complete range of corporate and promotional display systems and solutions.We ensure that each project and product achieves its intended purpose through carefully considered design and production methods. Our constant aim is to meet or exceed our clients’ objectives across a range of criteria, delivered to a consistently high standard, regardless of scale. Click here to find out more about EXC.

JNC Group is a proud member of Supply Nation, sharing its unique and compelling vision to build a prosperous Indigenous business sector. With a depth of knowledge and experience working with Indigenous businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia, Supply Nation has shaped the Indigenous business sector. Endorsed by the Australian Government as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses for their procurement teams to fulfill their targets under the new Indigenous Procurement Policy, Supply Nation is an equally trusted partner for its corporate members.